Officers and Board of Directors

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Lillian Trujillo, President


Lillian Trujillo comes from a long line of San Elizario residents. Lillian graduated from Loretto Academy High School and UTEP with a degree in History. She retired after working over 30 years for the State of Texas. Besides being involved in genealogy, she volunteers with the San Elizario Catholic Church on the finance committee. She has translated close to 20,000 entries in the San Eli church records of baptisms, marriages, and deaths from 1846 to 1956. other small towns in the surrounding areas as well.

Contact: Lillian.seghs@gmail.com

Adan Ruiz, Vice President


Norma Sambrano Hennessy, Secretary,

Finance Committee Chair


Norma Sambrano Hennessy was born in El Paso to Richard and Grace Sambrano. She attended Southern Methodist University. She has been an accountant in the oil and gas industry for 26 years and was previously in restaurant accounting for 15 years. Ser-vice to others has always been a big part of family life, as her parents and grandparents have been great examples of community service. As such, Norma has served as treasurer for LULAC District III in Dallas, Regent for Catholic Daughters Court Our Lady, has served as a Eucharistic Minister at her parish in Dallas for many years, and has mentored high school students both through LULAC and through the parish, and regularly helps with Carter Bloodcare. One of Norma's passions is to collect family photos and ancestry information on all the branches of the family tree. She cherishes sharing ancestry research and communicating with family members to help complete the picture of our history. She has been a member of SEGHS since 2007.

Margie Ibarra, Treasurer, Genealogy Committee Chair


Margarita Alcala Ibarra was born to Maximino Alcala and Porfiria Cruz Alcala, her grandparents are Macario Cruz and Guadalupe Telles Cruz. Her Grandparents owned a small farm in San Elizario where she and her sisters spent their summers. She graduated from Socorro High School in 1980, attended University of Phoenix and received a degree in Bachelor of Science in Business in 2011. She worked at Signify for twenty-five years and retired at the end of 2021. Her main focus at Signify was in Purchasing I was also member of the Safety Committee. She enjoys spending time with her children and 10 grandchildren. She has been a member of SEGHS since 2016.

Judge Patricia A. Macias (Ret.),  Director, Museum Committee Chair


Patricia A. Macias, has been a member of SEGHS since it was incorporated in 1987. She is the daughter of Transito Alarcón Macias, a SEGHS founder and active leader in the organization well into her 90’s. Transito’s vision and efforts shaped the Los Portales museum exhibits and promotion of cultural history through educational programs and events. Patricia is a retired Texas District Court Judge. Her accomplishments have been recognized in El Paso as Judge of the Year, acknowledged statewide by the Texas Supreme Court as a Judicial Leader, and nationally, as the first Latina to be elected President of the nation’s oldest judicial organization, the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges. She holds degrees from the University of Texas at El Paso, the University of Oregon, and St. Mary’s University School of Law.

Contact: patricia.seghs@gmail.com

Luis Tellez, Director,

History Committee Chair


CSM Luis A. Tellez, (USA, Ret) was born in El Paso, Texas. Luis enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1981 and transitioned to the NM National Guard, thus completing 41 years of military service. Luis grandmother is the late beloved Cruz Giron, and decedent of the Dearo, Borrego, and Jose de la Luz Giron families of San Elizario. Luis's involvement started in 2000 by cleaning the San Elizario Cemetery with local families. The saying is, if you wish to know where someone one is buried or want to help pull weeds ask Luis. He also assists Lillian Trujillo to merge the information she has for a better listing of loved ones interred. The goal is to place the map on the public web site to find loved ones. Luis obtained an associate degree in Christian Theology and Ministry. He resides in Las Cruces, NM with his wife, Tammy and children.

Elizabeth Teran, Director


Elizabeth Teran was born and raised in El Paso and in San Elizario. She attended

East HS and college at University of Iowa. She received a BA in Fine Art and Industrial Technology from University of North Texas. She is currently working at Raytheon Intelligence and Space as Digital Art Developer and Technical Illustrator. Her family tree has ties to the Alarcon, Trujillo and many other San Eli families. She has been a member of SEGHS for roughly 18 years. Her father is Miguel Teran, He was an El Paso County Commissioner. He and Teresa, Elizabeth's mother, joined with Transito Macias to combine their love for San Elizario families, with their passion to preserve its history, culture and genealogy for future generations and together founded SEGHS. She spends most of her time with family and her passions are: art, history, genealogy, music, science, architecture, archaeology, world, cultures, travel, her pets and wildlife.


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